La Paloma is the most popular resort in Rocha, it has a wide infrastructure of services, clinics, supermarkets, bank, curator, restaurants, casino and cinema.
La Paloma allows the youngsters a varied nocturnal attraction in bowls and pubs.

Founded in 1874, it owes its name to that, once in the cape where the picturesque Lighthouse of Santa Maria is located, was a point very feared by the navigators and, from afar, due to the amount of rocks and the foam of the waves, it seemed To see the silhouette of a dove. This area is called the old town, and is where the oldest residential buildings.

Currently, an artificial port has been built, protected by a 1000-meter-long breakwater. The port serves, mainly to fishing and sports boats.
In the high season of summer you can observe the great affluent of vacationers who come up with their boat either for deep-sea fishing or in the Laguna de Rocha.
It stands out for its tranquility and its beaches, are practiced diverse activities being the main ones, the surf and the cavalcades between forests, pine forests and extensive desert beaches.
The lagoon of Rocha, apart from fishing have excellent conditions for the practice of longboard, kayak, canoe and windsurf.