The entire area of ​​Rocha stands out for its extensive beaches and sunsets.
LA PALOMA, has different types of beaches with little distance between them, with an approximate extension of 20 km and of varied characteristics with rocks, with waves, of calm, deep waters and with fishing zones. There are from the very tame to those with the highest waves, the latter stand out for the practice of surfing.

COSTA AZUL is distinguished by its beaches of fine and white sands, wide and with good waves. In it the dune of La Virgen stands out, from where whales can be observed during the spring.

LA PEDRERA is built on a rocky formation surrounded by two beaches: El Desplayado (to the east) and La playa del Barco (to the west of the rocks). The Desplayado is a flat beach and of finer sand. The Playa del Barco is characterized for being ideal for surfing and other water sports. The beach of the Boat gets its name due to the shipwreck that took place there in 1977 of the ship of Chinese origin Cathay 8.3